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Kosovo Provided The Biggest Humanitarian Help For Albanian's Earthquake Victims

A week of preparation for the celebration of the annual 107th independence day of Albania which suppose to be at the November 28th 2019, turned into a chaos. Most of the flags that hanged for the celebration were down in half-mast.Rescue teams from around the world arrived, people were missed, buildings were abandoned and the […]

Winter travel in Nagorno Karabakh

The Magic Of Nagorno Karabakh’s Winter

The land of Artsakh known as the self-declared territory of Nagorno Karabakh, have its special beauty. While very few travellers are visiting its mountains at the summertime. Almost nobody is exploring the montentous region during the winter. And yes, this is not an easy traveling destination if you travel off the beaten path, or especially […]

9 Photos That Show Kosovo’s Football Fans

These 9 photos show the way Kosovo’s football fans are. I captured these photos after the football match between Kosovo and Montenegro ended. For Kosovo people, there are two important goals to win this game: One on a sport level and the second is on the local conflict level.Since the war in Kosovo and the […]

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